Warranty periods vary by local laws. Some regions do not allow limitations on implied warranties, so the limitations may not apply. You may have additional rights, depending on your location.

NOTE: Do not use products until you have read the warranty policy.

All Sunseeker products purchased at shopsunseeker.com come with a limited warranty. By using Sunseeker products, you agree to the terms of the limited warranty policy.


1.1 Warranty Registration
Register your warranty at Warranty Registration.

1.2 Warranty Timeline

  • L22 Robot Mower Main Body: 2 years
  • L22 Plus Robot Mower Main Body: 2 years
  • Orion X7 Robot Mower Main Body: 2 years
  • Orion X7 Plus Robot Mower Main Body: 2 years
  • Charge Station: 2 years
  • Battery: 1 year

1.3 Exclusions and Limitations

This warranty does not cover:

  • Non-quality related issues
  • Purchases without valid proof
  • Refunded items
  • Items beyond the warranty period
  • Damage from misuse, unauthorized modifications, or external causes
  • Compatibility issues with unauthorized third-party parts
  • Lost or stolen products
  • Free products

1.4 Cross-Regional After-Sales Service

Sunseeker does not provide a global warranty. Warranty service is available only at designated repair centers. Cross-regional repair may incur additional charges and customs fees.

Repair Service

2.1 Repair Policy
Report issues within the warranty period for repair.

2.2 Items Required for Repair Service

  • Valid proof of purchase
  • Picture or video of malfunction with serial number
  • Damage proof if shipped by Sunseeker carriers

2.3 Warranty Repair Service Exclusions

  • Requests after warranty expiration
  • Non-manufacturing damage
  • Lack of proof of purchase
  • Missing required information
  • Delayed reporting beyond warranty period
  • Unauthorized modifications

2.4 Shipping Cost of Repair
Sunseeker covers shipping during warranty if using their service. Incorrect information costs are borne by the customer.

2.5 Paid Repair
For non-warranty conditions, reasonable costs for spare parts, labor, and logistics will apply.

Replacement Service

3.1 Replacement Policy
Request replacement within 30 days of receipt. The replacement warranty is the same as the original.

3.2 Returns and Replacement Process
Contact customer support for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) before shipping.

3.3 Requirements for Replacement

  • No man-made damages
  • All accessories included
  • Secure packaging

3.4 Replacement Standards
Request replacement if:

  • Damage during transit with proof
  • Inconsistency with product description
  • Manufacturing defect

3.5 Items Required for Replacement Service

  • Serial number, proof of purchase, and malfunction proof
  • Shipping address if different from purchase address

3.6 Shipping Cost of Replacement
Sunseeker covers shipping for warranty replacements if you use their service.

3.7 Replacement Service Exclusions

  • Requests after 30 days of receipt
  • Returns without RMA confirmation
  • Missing original accessories or attachments
  • Non-manufacturing damage
  • Unauthorized modifications

Warranty Policy for Smart Devices

4.1 Replace, not repair:

  • Damaged accessories (excluding main products) may be replaced.
  • Replacement products may not be new but will be functional and covered by the original warranty period.
  • Replacement does not extend the original warranty period.


  • Unauthorized modifications, disassembly, or misuse
  • Water damage or improper installation
  • Non-authorized service provider repairs
  • Operation in bad weather or environments with electromagnetic interference
  • Altered or removed identification labels
  • Unauthorized third-party parts causing issues

For 1-on-1 service, contact your consultant via phone: 1-833-822-0146, Sunseeker app live chat, or email: support@sunseekertech.com.