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I love this thing! Its

I love this thing! Its on its second day of mowing and doing a great job. Has only got stuck once but it was because I cut it too close to a boundary that should had been off limits. It leaves great stripes in yard and just works great! Highly recommend!

So far, I'm very impressed

So far, I'm very impressed with the capabilities. There are still a few software bugs, but even in the three weeks I've owned it, two of my biggest complaints were fixed with over the air updates.

I did a TON of

I did a TON of research before purchasing a new robot mower. My top options ended up being the Orion X7 or Mammotion Luba 2. I ended up going with the Orion X7 and i am very happy with my purchase. So far the robot has been working great! We have had a few issues where it gets stuck trying to go back to charge, but overall the Orion X7 has lived up to the hype.

Love it

I love this robotic lawn mower, Free my hands

Not Bad

It works great and is easy to set up.

I had some trouble setting

I had some trouble setting it up but now works exceptionally

Doesn't get anywhere near 0.75

Doesn't get anywhere near 0.75 acres on a charge

Customer Service Ignoring me

I love my Orion, minus the battery life. Sunseeker said to let them know if I was interested in upgrading to the plus. I have let them know multiple times, no responses - 30 day clock is ticking fast. Prior to sale, customer service replied to my emails within hours.

So far so good. Tell

So far so good. Tell you more in 6 months

Easy to use

I purchased the Orion X7 a few weeks ago and couldn't be happier. It effortlessly mows four different areas, the setup was easy, and the mowing lines look fantastic.

Satisfied with Efficiency and Ease of Use

Using the Orion X7 has made maintaining my lawn a hassle-free experience. Its accurate cutting and simple setup process have saved me time and effort.its overall efficiency and user-friendly design have made it a worthwhile investment for keeping my lawn pristine.

Good mower, obviously still a

Good mower, obviously still a few kinks in the software but cuts and does a good job. I wish the battery lasted longer as it doesn't completely cut the whole front or back on one charge. App could use a few updateded features like click on more a zone of choice instead of cutting everything at once, or having to run a schedule. The RTK system works well with a relatively quick set up and good reliability.
8/10 rating. Over all very happy with product and i am aware it is a new product and issues will happen.

Support seems to be engaged

Support seems to be engaged and attentive. Hopefully that continues as they sell more of these mowers

Two weeks in and feel like I’m still trying to dial this thing in. The app is not user friendly and lacks much information. The mower itself works well but it seems to get stuck in certain areas of my yard. I have no trees or obstacles so it shouldn’t have any problems. I was also disappointed to learn this model does not work once the sun goes down. I did not know this when I purchased it. The battery life is disappointing as well and it takes forever to fully charge. So it basically takes all day to cut a portion of my half acre lot. Overall, I’m semi satisfied so far but there is much to be desired


It's like having a robot from the future taking care of my lawn. So cool!


I was skeptical about how well the Orion X7 would handle slopes, but it exceeded all my expectations. it exceptional traction, even on steep inclines. Impressed!

Eco friendly

I love how eco-friendly the Orion X7 plus. It runs quietly and efficiently, without emitting harmful emissions like traditional lawn mowers.

Love it !!!

Thanks to customizable features, the Orion X7 delivers tailored mowing experiences. From adjustable cutting heights to intelligent path planning, my lawn gets the personalized care it needs.

Precision in Practice

With advanced navigation tech, the Orion X7 ensures every inch of my lawn gets the attention it deserves. It's like having a precision artist working tirelessly to keep my yard flawless

Loving it

I am an airline pilot and sometimes I commute home after a trip and have only a day or two off before I need to go back to work. With SUNSEEKER Orion X7 mowing, all I need to do is a bit of edging. Saves a lot of time and effort and my yard is looking awesome. Neighbors are all intrigued and interested.

Robust Design

Solid build quality ensures durability.

Reliable Rain Delay

Resumes mowing when conditions are optimal.

Excellent Value

High-quality mower with all essential features.

Quiet and Convenient

Operates quietly without disturbing surroundings.