Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page, where you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions about robot lawn mower.

1. Installation And Settings

2. Operation

3. Technical Questions

4. APP

5. Bluetooth and Network

6. Maintenance

Installation And Settings

• What is the narrowest width allowed for platform X’s path in the garden?
The narrowest width allowed for the passage is 40 inch. If it is too narrow, the machine may be unable to pass through due to structural reasons.
• Does my garden need to have complete Wi-Fi coverage?
If possible, try to ensure complete Wi-Fi coverage in the garden. If complete coverage is not possible, at least make sure there is Wi-Fi coverage at the location of the base station. This allows the machine's information to be transmitted from the base station to the app and vice versa.

*Note that when binding the base station,it is essential to ensure that the machine is connected to the internet.
• Can the base station and charging station be moved after the map iscreated?
The charging station can be moved before mapping, but once the map is created, it cannot be moved, or else the machine cannot return and work properly. After the map is completed, the base station cannot be moved; otherwise, a new map needs to be created.
• During mapping, what is the maximum distance between Bluetooth andthe machine?
During mapping, the machine connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Please ensure that you stay within a distance of no more than 3 ft from the machine during mapping.
• What is the maximum grass length the machine can cut?
It is recommended not to exceed 4 inches. The machine's electronic height adjustment can regulate cutting heights from 0.7 inch to 4 inches.
• What should I do if the QR code cannot be recognized?
If the QR code cannot be scanned, you can still bind the machine through Bluetooth connectivity.
• Can the machine be installed indoors?
No, it is not allowed. For optimal performance, the RTK requires an open location to receive signals. Please refer to the installation requirements for base station placement for more details.


• Why does the machine occasionally encounter obstacles?
Bad weather, such as fog or rain, can affect visibility. In poor lighting conditions, or if the light is very strong. The obstacle is in a blind spot.
• How efficient is the machine at cutting?
Currently, the machine cuts approximately 1070 square feet per hour.
• What happens if the scheduling time window is too short to completethe entire mowing for the day?
If the entire garden cannot be mowed on the same day, the machine will resume cutting from the last unfinished position on the next day. It is recommended to adjust the schedule to allow the machine to complete the entire garden in one day.
• What happens if the scheduling time window is too longd, and themachine finishes cutting early?
If the machine completes cutting early on a given day, it will automatically return to the charging station and will not resume operations until the next scheduled day.
• How can I cancel the schedule for the day if needed?
Currently, there is no pause function. After the machine leaves the station, you can click on "Return" in the app, and the machine will not leave the station again on that day.
•After pressing the stop button on the machine, how can I restart it?
For safety reasons, when the machine is in stop mode, to restart, press "start+ok" or "home+ok" on the screen.
• Why does the machine sometimes suddenly make a turn inobstacle-free areas?
If the grass is too tall, the machine may identify tall grass as an obstacle. Ensure the grass length is within the machine's allowed cutting range. Weak signals in the area may cause the machine to stop moving forward for safety, leading to a change in direction.
• What is the maximum allowed area for the machine?
3 Acres
• Why can't the grass at the garden's border be mowed?
The machine avoids mowing the border if it's made of flat bricks, as the RTK signal may be weaker there. It relies on the camera's information to stay within bounds, disregarding user mapping at such locations. If you want the machine to mow the border at such locations, you can set up a "No grass area."

3. Technical Questions

• Advantages of Parallel Cutting Compared to Random Cutting:
The primary advantage is higher cutting efficiency. The machine records the current map's shape and obstacles, implementing the most effective mowing strategy with parallel paths.
• Meaning of Standard, Stealth, and Custom Modes in Cutting Patterns:
Standard Mode: The machine follows the same trajectory during each operation, efficiently planning mowing paths in an orderly linear fashion. This results in visible vertical stripes on the lawn.

Stealth Mode: In contrast to the standard mode, the machine still performs linear cutting but avoids the same trajectory every time. After several mowing cycles, the vertical stripes on the lawn disappear, leaving no visible traces of the machine's operation.

Custom Mode:The machine operates in a user-defined direction after leaving the charging station. After a few cutting cycles, the lawn will show the customed pattern set by the user.
• Can the Machine Cut the Borders?
After completing overall mowing, the machine will perform one additional border cutting.
• Role of the Rain Sensor, and What Does Delay Represent?
Although the machine can cut in the rain, it is not recommended. Wet ground can cause mud to stick to the wheels and result in poor cutting quality as wet grass is difficult to cut and tends to stick to the blade disc.


• Purpose of Restricted Areas:
The restricted area feature is used to prevent the machine from accessing specific zones. Similar to obstacle settings, users can simply mark the location on the map.
• Locations that Require Separate Obstacle/Restricted Area Settings:
Within the boundaries, for example, areas with height differences like swimming pools or sandpits, where clear visual boundaries exist, the machine will recognize these as obstacle zones. Flower beds or vegetable gardens with a height less than 20 cm. Trees with protruding roots. Large pits or holes. Play areas with equipment like trampolines, swings, slides. Areas with fragile, transparent objects. Areas with exposed electrical wires on the ground.
• Purpose of Passages:
Passages connect multiple areas in the garden. If two areas are naturally connected on the map, setting passages may not be necessary.
• Purpose of Blank Areas:
In a garden, there might be regions without grass, such as gravel or stone paths. If these areas are left without designating them as no-grass zones, there's a chance the machine could trigger the visual obstacle avoidance function. To avoid this, it's advisable to set these regions as no-grass zones.
• Expanding Map Boundaries:
Simply go in the app and continue mapping. If the new and existing maps are connected, they will automatically merge.
• Reducing Map Boundaries:
Currently, there is no direct way to reducemap boundaries. To avoid a specific area, use virtual walls or restricted areas.
• Map Learning and its Purpose:
While setting up boundaries, users may occasionally be too close or too far from the actual boundary. By activating the map learning feature, the machine can identify the optimal distance for the map boundary, automatically adjusting it to extend 3.3 feet beyond the initially mapped boundary. Map learning occurs automatically during the entire cutting process and helps identify unmarked obstacles in the garden.
• Differences in Blade Disc Speeds:
Low speed prolongs machine runtime, but cutting quality may be inferior compared to high speed. Choose high speed for finer lawn quality and low speed for efficiency.
• Reasons for Losing Mowing Progress:
Ending the process in the app or creating a new map area clears the current mowing progress.
• Can you Bind Multiple Machines to One Account?
Yes, up to X machines.
• Can you Bind One Machine to Multiple Accounts?
Each machine can only be linked to one primary account. For sharing with other users, simply tap the "Share" button in the app, and other users can add the device by scanning the provided QR code.
• Reasons for Losing Mowing Progress:
Ending the process in the app or creating a new map area clears the current mowing progress.
• Reasons for Losing Mowing Progress:
Ending the process in the app or creating a new map area clears the current mowing progress.

Bluetooth and Network

• Can I Connect the Machine to a Hotspot Network?
Yes Software Updates
• How Do I Know if the Robot/Base Station Software Needs an Update?
You will receive notifications in the app if there are new software updates.
• Can I Upgrade the Machine Using a USB Flash Drive?
Currently not allowed or recommended.
• Why Should I Update Firmware?
We consistently update features and firmware to enhance user experience and optimize functionality. It is recommended to regularly check for and update your firmware to ensure you benefit from the latest improvements and have the best possible user experience.


• Do I Need to Bring the RTK Base Station Indoors in Winter?
• How Should I Store the Machine in Winter?
It is recommended to store the machine indoors during winter. Before storage, ensure the machine is fully charged and turned off.
• Can I Wash the Machine with Water?
Ensure all screws are tightly secured before cleaning the machine. Use a regular water hose for cleaning; avoid using a high-pressure water gun to prevent potential damage.
• How Often Should I Replace the Blades?
For lawns that haven't been serviced by the robotic lawnmower before and have longer grass, consider replacing the blades every 1-2 months. In the case of continuous use for lawns where the grass length remains consistently controlled, the blades are expected to last for an extended period due to the maintained grass height. Safety and Anti-Theft
• What if I Forget the Machine Password?
If the machine is bound to the app, reset the password within the app. If not bound, contact customer service to reset the password.
• What Happens If I Enter the Wrong Password Continuously?
After 10 consecutive wrong password attempts, the screen will display "LOCK." Keep the machine powered on and wait for 15 minutes to enter the password again.