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Orion X7 - Enjoy lawn freedom

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It's super quiet, saves me tons of time and money. No more sweating in the heat—this thing does it all with GPS, obstacle avoidance, and an easy app for scheduling. Perfect lawn, zero effort!


Max Tech

1190k fans

The Sunseeker Orion X7 robotic lawnmower: Ultimate lawn care hero! All-wheel drive, smart app control, precise cutting. Effortless setup, rainproof, durable. Perfect outdoor tech! 


Justin Tse

848k fans

The Sunseeker Orion X7 robotic lawnmower: No wires, up to 4 inches cutting height, obstacle avoidance, and precise mapping. Revolutionizing lawn care!


Copper Creek

438k fans

Easy setup, obstacle sensing, precise mapping, and razor-like blades for efficient cutting. Revolutionize your lawn care routine! 


Top Notch

337k fans

Precision mapping, obstacle sensing, and efficient cutting. Save time and effort with this innovative robotic mower. A game-changer for lawn care! 



270k fans

No wires needed - Handles uneven terrain, with smart obstacle avoidance and GPS tracking. If you're tired of spending too much time and money on lawn care, check out the Orion X7. 


Stane Starnes

212k fans

Customers Voice

  • Effortless Maintenance Made Possible!

    With the SUNSEEKER Orion X7, lawn maintenance has become effortless. Its intuitive app control and integration with Alexa make mowing a breeze. I love how it navigates effortlessly around obstacles, delivering consistent results every time.

  • Unmatched Versatility!

    The SUNSEEKER Orion X7 offers unmatched versatility. Whether it's mowing steep slopes or navigating tight spaces, this mower handles it all with ease. The app control and Alexa integration make customization a breeze. Truly impressed!

  • A Cut Above the Rest!

    The SUNSEEKER Orion X7 is truly a cut above the rest. Its advanced algorithm delivers precise mowing patterns, leaving my lawn looking immaculate. The app control makes scheduling effortless, and the 4G anti-theft feature adds an extra level of convenience.

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