Orion X7 Plus Wireless Robot Lawn Mower l 1.5 Acre

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  1. Wireless Freedom:No more tangled wires – effortlessly set up your mowing boundaries with ease, even in complex garden landscapes.
  2. Cutting-edge Precision: Orion X7 integrates cutting-edge RTK-GNSS and VSLAM technology for precise navigation and obstacle avoidance, ensuring a flawlessly groomed lawn.

  3. Unrivaled Performance: Conquer any terrain confidently with AWD Driving System and floating dual-blade design, guaranteeing exceptional traction and cutting efficiency.

  4. Tailored to Perfection: Customize your mowing experience with intelligent path planning and adjustable cutting height, delivering optimal results tailored to your garden's needs.

  5. Effortless Management: Seamlessly control multiple work areas and settings through the intuitive Sunseeker app, providing real-time updates on your mower's status and progress.

  6. Rain-Ready Reliability: Automatic rain detection ensures your mower's safety, effortlessly returning it to the charging base when the weather turns, keeping your lawn pristine.

  7. Ultimate Convenience: From auto recharge to washable, waterproof design, Orion X7 offers unmatched convenience, making lawn maintenance a breeze for users of all levels.

  8. Future-Proof Technology: Stay ahead with OTA upgrades and smart home integration options, ensuring your mower remains up-to-date with the latest features and capabilities.
  9. Dual Cutting Blades: Equipped with two 14-inch blades, the Orion X7 Plus delivers efficient, precise cuts, even through dense grass, ensuring your lawn looks Plusfessionally manicured every time.
  10. Advanced App Control: Customize every aspect of your mowing experience. Set the cutting height, rotation speed, and mowing schedule directly from your smartphone. Plus, manage multiple lawn areas with ease thanks to its multi-zone capabilities.

Elevate your lawn maintenance with the Sunseeker Orion X7 Plus, arguably the best robot lawn mower on the market. Designed to handle up to 1.5 acres effortlessly, this automatic lawn mower combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional performance. As a top-tier lawn mowing robot, the Orion X7 Plus is the ideal solution for achieving a perfectly manicured lawn without manual labor.

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Exact Navigation, Unlimited Freedom
Discover the ultimate in garden care with Orion X7, powered by Sunseeker AONavi™. Seamlessly merging RTK and Vslam technologies, it ensures precise boundary and route planning for flawless results on any terrain.
Break free from wire hassles. With Orion X7, mapping your garden is effortless. Just walk along its borders while remotely guiding the machine for seamless boundary setup.
Experience unparalleled precision with our RTK-GNSS satellite positioning and VSLAM visual technology, ensuring every inch of your lawn is meticulously manicured by the Orion X7 robot mower, leaving no area overlooked or missed.
Vision AI System
Enjoy Orion X7's advanced vision algorithms effortlessly navigate obstacles for impeccable lawn care, delivering pristine results with precision.

AWD Driving System

  • Experience Orion X7's AWD, engineered for superior traction and stability on any terrain.
  • Conquer slopes up to 70% effortlessly with larger wheels for safety.
  • Navigate diverse landscapes worry-free, dominating every inch with innovation and reliability.

Adaptive Floating Cut

  • Experience the unbeatable performance of Orion X7's floating blade disc, effortlessly tackling dense grass and uneven terrain.
  • With its unique engineering, enjoy precise cuts and unmatched maneuverability for a lawn that stands out.
Tailored to Perfection
Seamless Control, Anywhere You Go.
Experience precise, parallel mowing with Orion X7's Advanced Algorithm. Customize your lawn care with our app's three route options for a perfect garden.
Take control with Orion X7's app: Precise positioning, easy mapping, and customizable mowing. Define zones and set No-go areas for hassle-free garden care.
Learn Your Garden with SmartMapping
Control with app, Ultimate Security
More Features, More Possibilities
More Features, More Possibilities
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