Revolution for Lawn Cares

Revolution for Lawn Cares

META: Transform your lawncare routine with the SUNSEEKER robot mower, which makes your life easier and your garden neater.

Smart lawn care solutions should be just that. Smart. Let's face it, if a product doesn't make your life easier, save you time, or transform your daily routine, it's probably not worth the money.

Luckily, the SUNSEEKER robot mower is a whole different ball game.

This robotic lawn mower boasts state-of-the-art features and cutting-edge technology that will transform your gardening routine forever. Forget the afternoons wasted pushing a clunky manual mower around your backyard.

From now on, you can sit back, relax, and let the SUNSEEKER do the work for you with unrivaled lawn care automation and features you won't find elsewhere.

Did we mention it's great for the environment, too?

Read on to find out how this revolutionary new product can be just the thing your garden needs (and how to get your hands on it).

What is the SUNSEEKER Robot Mower?

Put simply, the SUNSEEKER is a robot that mows your lawn for you. No, really. The mower works hard so you don't have to keep your front or backyard in tip-top condition, with plenty of specialist features that make it safe for the environment and the whole family.

With robotic technology on the rise around the home (and robot lawn mowers getting a big thumbs up from the tech press), there's never been a better time to outsource your chores to something that can save you valuable time and energy while doing a better and more efficient job.

As well as automated grass cutting, the mower's intelligent mapping technology and obstacle avoidance system keep it from bumping into toys, dogs, and garden gnomes, making for a lawn-mowing process easier than you could have imagined.

Whether you want to save time, reduce your to-do list, save the planet with eco-friendly lawn care, or stay in touch with the latest tech, the SUNSEEKER is a must-have item in your garden shed.

The Benefits of Using a Robot Mower

Wondering why a robot mower is the latest piece of tech you need in your arsenal? Let's dive in.

Save time

Be honest; how would you prefer to spend your weekends? Is it catching up on household chores or spending quality time with friends and family?

Mowing the lawn takes time and energy, especially if you have a large backyard. And if you never get around to mowing the lawn because you simply don't have time, you risk allowing your garden to become a little wild, to say the least.

With a robot mower that promises efficient lawn maintenance and time-saving lawn mowing, you can reclaim time to do the things you love. Plus, thanks to its advanced lawn care technology, the SUNSEEKER will do the job twice as quickly and efficiently as a manual alternative.

Improve your garden

While many of us spend weekends and evenings scrubbing away at our homes' interiors until they sparkle, our properties' exteriors are often overlooked.

But whether you're simply enjoying a cold beer outside at the end of a busy week or hosting your friends and family for a BBQ, having a well-kept garden makes a great first impression and just makes your home an all-around more pleasant place to be.

After all, studies have shown that even just spending time in your garden promotes better physical and mental health. What's not to love?

Safer than other models

If you're worried about the safety of robot mowers, you'll be pleased to know that SUNSEEKER comes with features that make it not only more effective but safer, too.

Compared to other robotic lawnmowers on the market, for example, SUNSEEKER has lower ground clearance, allowing it to better protect people and pets and minimize the risk of scratches while the machine is in operation.  

The SUNSEEKER Robot Mower - Features

So what's so special about the SUNSEEKER compared to other robot lawnmowers? We're glad you asked.

Specially Designed for American Yards

Some robot lawn mowers seem to be created in a vacuum without being tested around people, pets, or other objects. The SUNSEEKER is made for a real environment, not a test one, with features guaranteeing its success in the average American yard. Here's how.

Smart Obstacle Avoidance

This revolutionary robotic lawn mower has built-in ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, allowing it to detect and move past obstacles without physical touch. This feature means you can use your SUNSEEKER without collisions that cause damage to flowers, outdoor furniture, and other objects in your yard.

Intelligent Mapping

The SUNSEEKER's wireless boundary control and intelligent mapping functionality means your robot mower knows your garden like the back of its (figurative) hand. Capable of automatic scheduling to save time, you can easily set your SUNSEEKER's starting point on the map, and the parameters of your lawn will be easier displayed and managed.

Float Cutting

Thanks to data from more than 10,000 American gardens, the SUNSEEKER comes with a high throughput function, which automatically raises the mower blades. This provides the robotic lawnmower with increased clearance to navigate uneven terrain without getting stuck in the grass.

The best part?

The grass clippings are directed back into the lawn, enriching your soil with nutrients and creating a healthier and greener backyard for the ultimate sustainable garden maintenance.

Quiet and Noiseless Operation

At less than 52dB(A), while it works, the SUNSEEKER is quiet and undisruptive. That means no noise complaints from unhappy neighbors and no distractions when your work-from-home day moves outdoors.

Super WiFi

Equipped with super WiFi capabilities, the SUNSEEKER can connect to your home network and cover a huge area of up to 8 acres. No need for newly-installed tech - your robot lawn mower will simply work with your existing system.


Your SUNSEEKER will form part of the IOT - Internet of Things - by integrating itself with your automated home systems like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. That way, you won't have to lift a finger to set your robot off on its journey.

Safe and Easy Operation

We know that safety and ease of use top the list of our customers' must-haves. That's why our cutting-edge technology prioritizes safety, security, and a straightforward use process. No need to get your head around any complicated software or an excessive number of buttons.

Automatic Charging and Weather Protection

You don't have to return the SUNSEEKER to its charging station manually when the power's low - it does it automatically, saving you a task.

Worried about your SUNSEEKER in the rain? Don't be. Using its cutting-edge rain sensor, the robotic lawn mower returns to the charging base when rain is detected.

Lift and Tilt Sensor

Thanks to its lawn care automation technology, the robotic mower stops automatically when lifted, flipped, or tilted or when it senses a potential collision. This helpful feature protects you and your family from accidental damage when lifting the SUNSEEKER from the ground.

Lightweight, Easy Operation

Weighing only 10.6kg (23lbs), the robot is easy to pick up and maneuver, as well as being as straightforward as possible to set up, with its user-friendly app control. You can connect through Bluetooth or WiFi and simply download the Robotic Mower App through Apple or Google Store to program an automated mowing routine.

Need to clean your mower? It couldn't be easier. Simply lift the SUNSEEKER and spray it with clean water.

LED Lights

Make the operation as safe as possible with LED lights that light up the surrounding area, ensuring your SUNSEEKER can mow safely and accurately. These lights can also help you assess the status of the robotic mower, with lights of various colors indicating whether your automated mower is working.

State-of-the-Art Cutting Features

It's safe, easy to use, and automated, but how good is it at actually cutting your lawn? Spoiler alert: very.

Anti-slip wheels

The SUNSEEKER's anti-slip wheels work seamlessly, even on rough or uneven terrain. Plus, they can climb up to a 2-degree incline.

Revolutionary Cutting System

The SUNSEEKER features 3 razor-sharp precision cutting blades that deliver a cutting width of 8.7 inches. You can adjust the blades between a cutting height of 1.6 to 3.2 inches, allowing you to customize the grass to your preferred length.

Choose from two models, one offering a cutting area of 2000 sqm and the other of 1200 sqm, so you always have the right size for your lawn.


Be Part of the Revolution

Ready to revolutionize your lawn care routine and reclaim your time? You won't regret it.

For more information about the cutting-edge SUNSEEKER, to sign up for updates, or treat yourself to your own robotic lawn mower, visit our site. Your weekends are about to get a whole lot more fun.

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