Technical Features

• Advantages of Parallel Cutting Compared to Random Cutting:

The primary advantage is higher cutting efficiency. The machine records the current map's shape and obstacles, implementing the most effective mowing strategy with parallel paths.

• Meaning of Standard, Stealth, and Custom Modes in Cutting Patterns:

Standard Mode: The machine follows the same trajectory during each operation, efficiently planning mowing paths in an orderly linear fashion. This results in visible vertical stripes on the lawn.

Stealth Mode: In contrast to the standard mode, the machine still performs linear cutting but avoids the same trajectory every time. After several mowing cycles, the vertical stripes on the lawn disappear, leaving no visible traces of the machine's operation.

Custom Mode:The machine operates in a user-defined direction after leaving the charging station. After a few cutting cycles, the lawn will show the customed pattern
set by the user.

• Can the Machine Cut the Borders?

 After completing overall mowing, the machine
will perform one additional border cutting.

• Role of the Rain Sensor, and What Does Delay Represent?

Although the machine can cut in the rain, it is not recommended. Wet ground can cause mud to stick to the wheels and result in poor cutting quality as wet grass is difficult to cut and tends to stick to the blade disc.