• Why does the machine occasionally encounter obstacles?

Bad weather, such as fog or rain, can affect visibility. In poor lighting conditions, or if the light is very strong. The obstacle is in a blind spot.

• How efficient is the machine in cutting?

Currently, the machine cuts approximately 1070 square feet per hour.

• What happens if the scheduling time window is too short to completethe entire mowing for the day?

 If the entire garden cannot be mowed on the same day, the machine will resume cutting from the last unfinished position on the next day. It is recommended to adjust the schedule to allow the machine to complete the entire garden in one day.

• What happens if the scheduling time window is too long, and themachine finishes cutting early?

If the machine completes cutting early on a given day, it will automatically return to the charging station and will not resume operations until the next scheduled day.

• How can I cancel the schedule for the day if needed?

Currently, there is no pause function. After the machine leaves the station, you can click on "Return" in the app, and the machine will not leave the station again on that day.

•After pressing the stop button on the machine, how can I restart it?

For safety reasons, when the machine is in stop mode, to restart, press "start+ok" or "home+ok" on the screen.

• Why does the machine sometimes suddenly make a turn inobstacle-free areas?

If the grass is too tall, the machine may identify tall grass as an obstacle. Ensure the grass length is within the machine's allowed cutting range. Weak signals in the area may cause the machine to stop moving forward for safety, leading to a change in direction.

• What is the maximum allowed area for the machine?

3 Acres

• Why can't the grass at the garden's border be mowed?

The machine avoids mowing the border if it's made of flat bricks, as the RTK signal may be weaker there. It relies on the camera's information to stay within bounds, disregarding user mapping at such locations. If you want the machine to mow the border at such locations, you can set up a "No grass area."