• Do I Need to Bring the RTK Base Station Indoors in Winter?


• How Should I Store the Machine in Winter?

 It is recommended to store the machine indoors during winter. Before storage, ensure the machine is fully charged and turned off.

• Can I Wash the Machine with Water?

 Ensure all screws are tightly secured before cleaning the machine. Use a regular water hose for cleaning; avoid using a high-pressure water gun to prevent potential damage.

• How Often Should I Replace the Blades?

For lawns that haven't been serviced by the robotic lawnmower before and have longer grass, consider replacing the blades every 1-2 months. In the case of continuous use for lawns where the grass length remains consistently controlled, the blades are expected to last for an extended period due to the maintained grass height. Safety and Anti-Theft

• What if I Forget the Machine Password?

If the machine is bound to the app, reset the password within the app. If not bound, contact customer service to reset the password.

• What Happens If I Enter the Wrong Password Continuously?

After 10 consecutive wrong password attempts, the screen will display "LOCK." Keep the machine powered on and wait for 15 minutes to enter the password again.