Installation And Settings

• What is the narrowest width allowed for platform X’s path in the garden?

The narrowest width allowed for the passage is 40 inch. If it is too narrow, the machine may be unable to pass through due to structural reasons.

• Does my garden need to have complete Wi-Fi coverage?

If possible, try to ensure complete Wi-Fi coverage in the garden.

If complete coverage is not possible, at least make sure there is Wi-Fi coverage at the location of the base station.

This allows the machine's information to be transmitted from the base station to the app and vice versa.

*Note that when binding the base station,it is essential to ensure that the machine is connected to the internet.

• Can the base station and charging station be moved after the map iscreated?

The charging station can be moved before mapping, but once the map is created, it cannot be moved, or else the machine cannot return and work properly. After the map is completed, the base station cannot be moved; otherwise, a new map needs to be created.

• During mapping, what is the maximum distance between Bluetooth andthe machine?

During mapping, the machine connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Please ensure that you stay within a distance of no more than 3 ft from the machine during mapping.

• What is the maximum grass length the machine can cut?

It is recommended not to exceed 4 inches. The machine's electronic height adjustment can regulate cutting heights from 0.7 inch to 4 inches.

• What should I do if the QR code cannot be recognized?

If the QR code cannot be scanned, you can still bind the machine through Bluetooth connectivity.

• Can the machine be installed indoors?

No, it is not allowed. For optimal performance, the RTK requires an open location to receive signals. Please refer to the installation requirements for base station placement for more details.